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Why choose Gold Coast TV Advertising Network?

We are the longest established (1998) and most experienced Regional & Local TV advertising company on the Gold Coast. We now use all local TV commercial and digital channels in our packages.

Our local tv channels target over 700,000 viewers living on the Gold Coast. Combine this with our online advertising and you have the most powerful media ever!

Gold Coast TV Advertising Experts

Peter Clark has over 30 years’ experience in regional TV advertising, with over 20 years on the Gold Coast. He has produced hundreds of TV commercials and advertising campaigns from Real Estate developments to luxury yachts, to swimming pools, to caravans, in fact anything that needs advertising.

Peter has in depth knowledge of the local market and understands how local people respond to certain types of advertising. Peter knows how to get the most out off all three local TV stations and multi-channels

Sales & Advertising Executive Team

Contact our team on (07) 5532 9121 for all inquiries.

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We have a creative team at Gold Coast TV who will develop an exciting new HD Production to target your Demographic audience.

We produce 15 or 30 second “Call to Action” TV Commercials that are priced to meet your budget requirements.

Monthly changes can have made at a low cost.

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