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Our Local TV Advertising Packages at up to 85% lower than Brisbane rates!

You must have a marketing plan & budget for your business in place to start…

To make sure that buyers are spending money in Your Business when they are ready to buy
We will select the right programs and time zones to help obtain constant results each month…

Our Television Ad Marketing Packages


broadcast on two stations:


Compare our multi-week television advertising with just one day in the newspapers.

We produce your ad using the very latest HDTV equipment and techniques and our production costs are among the lowest you’ll find in Australia!

Our local TV ad packages start from

over 2, 3 or 4 weeks

OR choose a powerful 2-station program ad campaign using a larger budget of up to $5,000 to really cover the Coast with your message!

All broadcast spots appear in top-rated shows across days, nights, weekends… and we match the programs to the best target audience for your business.

Choose your own budget.
Choose your own programs!

– Reach more age groups

– Greater selection of programs

– Costs less than radio or press

– More shows across all day parts including evening Prime Time

Your business will be targeted at over 185,000 local viewers
Advertise on 1 station – or maximise your results by advertising on 2!
Request your free air time schedule below.
Allow 10/14 days for Production/ Program placement 

All packages are +GST

Every local business now has the chance to be SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN across the Gold Coast.


No lock-in contracts


Are your ready to unleash the power of TV on your business?

Local Weekend Small Business


broadcast on PRIME/7 & 9/NBN


Our new style of advertising that introduces your business (and maybe even you!) while offsetting the cost of advertising between 3 advertisers in your own 10-second spot where you can highlight your products, services, website and location to the Gold Coast every weekend!

Broadcast Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our exclusive 30-second sales promotion.

The best days to target a family audience and viewers away from work with money to spend on your products/services

Local television classified advertising is the smartest way to boost website traffic and cash flow

for only $245 weekly over 4 weekends
(That’s $980)

including making your 10-second studio-produced commercial ready for broadcast.

Reaching the Entire Gold Coast Region

Broadcast to real locals watching up to 51 different programs inlcluding:

The Today Show, Sunrise, Better Homes & Gardens, Morning Shows, News, Movies, Comedy and Drama.
Let’s start your business on the right track to making more sales!
Request your free air time schedule below.
Allow 10/14 days for Production/ Program placement 

All packages are +GST


No lock-in contracts


No Lock In Contracts

This is your opportunity to test the Power of Television Advertising before you know if television is the right marketing platform for you.