Gold Coast TV Advertising Network

We help you to reach your business demographics/age groups at very realistic rates.

Gold Coast TV


For the first time every local business now has the opportunity to advertise on Full Screen Television for less cost than TV, Radio or any other local media.

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Gold Coast TV advertising rates have Never been so affordable for Local Business. Unlike Press and Radio advertising..Television advertising combines both using High quality images or “ filmed on site”.. Plus a “Voice over”.

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The best way to advertise your Small/Medium or big local business on Television is to advertise in Multi-Channel Air Time, attracting up to 80% more viewers. View our new range of ad packages.

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Why choose Gold Coast TV Advertising Network?

We are the longest established (1998) and most experienced Regional & Local TV advertising company on the Gold Coast.

We now use all local TV commercial and digital channels in our packages.

Our local tv channels target over 700,000 viewers living on the Gold Coast. Combine this with our online advertising and you have the most powerful media ever!

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Targeting your business demographics/age groups at very realistic rates.